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Incentives & Taxes

Local Incentive Programs – Availability is based on location of project and project scope. 

Community Reinvestment Areas provide companies locating in a designated Community Reinvestment Area an abatement of up to 100 percent for up to 10 years on real property taxes. To be eligible, a company must be making new real property investment and formalizing an agreement with the local community prior to going forward with the qualifying project.

The Ohio Enterprise

The Ohio Enterprise Zone program provides real and personal property tax incentives for businesses that expand or relocate in Ohio. To establish an Enterprise Zone, a municipality or county must apply to the Director of Development for certification. To secure benefits, non-retail businesses must apply to the local community for local property tax exemptions and to the Director of Development for state income tax incentives.

A gap financing program that offers project funding is targeted to business expansions and start-ups for industrial and manufacturing endeavors including the following:

  • Land (including on-site improvements)

  • Building (including construction, rehabilitation and leasehold improvements of a capital nature)

  • Machinery and Equipment

  • Off-Site Infrastructure directly related to business or industrial development

The RLF will fund up to a maximum of 40% of the total project costs.  Maximum RLF assistance is $25,000 per full-time job created.  The terms will be the useful life of the machinery and equipment and up to 15 years on real estate. If interested in the RLF program please contact the WEDCO office prior to making any investments.

Community Development Block Grant

Funds granted to communities to help pay for publicly owned infrastructure improvements directly related to job creation or retention by a for-profit business.  In most cases, assistance is limited to providing no more than half of the total off-site infrastructure cost.  Some distressed communities may qualify for up to 75 percent of the off-site infrastructure cost. If interested in the CDBG program please contact the WEDCO office prior to making any investments. 

 Provides an incentive, allowable under Ohio Revised Code 718.15, to new or existing businesses within city (Bryan) limits which are creating new, full-time jobs.  Qualified companies may be eligible for a non-refundable income tax credit against their for-profit or individual income tax.  The rate and term of the credit is negotiated by the city administration, Authority, and ultimately approved by city council (or its designated municipal income tax credit advisory council) on an individual basis.

Employment Pre-screening, Testing, and Recruitment Services

through the area’s workforce development offices, prospective employers in Ohio can access “one-stop” services for the hiring and placement of new employees.  Services available through Northwest Ohio Jobs Centers include: matching your employment needs with existing job and applicant pools, testing and screening prospective workers; and other workforce services.

Training Cost Assistance:

 Certain training costs associated with the hiring of new employees qualify for partial reimbursement through the Williams County County Department of Job & Family Services. Contact our office for more information or the Northwest Ohio Job Center.

State Funding & Grants: JobsOhio

JobsOhio has a variety of loans and grants available in businesses in Ohio. Ohio's Strategic location and pro-business climate bring together a full range of benefits that align with the financial needs of growing businesses.

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