Bryan Municipal Utilities
841 E. Edgerton St.
Bryan, Ohio 43506
Phone: 419-633-6100


External Affairs Manager
Gary W. Keys
Phone: 419-249-4156


North Western Electric Co-Op
04125 State Route 576
P.O. Box 391
Bryan, OH 43506
Phone: 419-636-5051 or 1-800-647-6932


Ohio Gas Company
P.O. Box 528
Bryan, Ohio 43506-0528
Phone: 419-636-1117

Village of Edon Utilities
Phone: (419) 272-2152

Village of Edgerton Utilities
Phone: (419) 298-2912

Village of Montpelier Utilities
Phone: (419) 485-5543

Village of Stryker Utilities
Phone: (419) 682-6428

Internet Infrastructure for Williams County

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City of Bryan

Village of Edon

Village of Edgerton

Village of Holiday City

Village of Montpelier

Village of Pioneer

Village of Stryker

Village of West Unity