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Target Industries

Williams County Economic Development has identified several industry clusters that are able to excel in our community. Take advantage of the location, natural resources, wonderful communities, and the long standing agricultural and manufacturing heritage.

Williams County currently has 33 major employers with 100 or more employees. View the Williams County Major Employer Listing here.

  • Distribution & Logistics
  • Automotive
  • Food Processing
  • Plastic Fabrication and Injection Molding

Busche Performance Group, Inc., a vertically integrated casting and machining supplier of components, will launch a state of the art CNC machining facility in Edon, OH, at an existing facility located at 507 W. Indiana Street.

Nick A. Busche, Founder/CEO/President of Busche, said, “This is the 16th facility for Busche and we are proud to christen the newest member of the Busche organization, Busche Edon. We have 38 CNC machining centers slated to be moved into the facility starting as early as April. The first CNC machining line is expected to be in production by mid-June and will be producing components for household appliances. We have three lines supporting the auto/truck industry, which will be ramping up between July 2018 and May of 2019. The four programs will require three full-time shifts of 29 CNC production machining associates each, for a total of 87 direct positions along with a talented support team of managers, manufacturing engineers, quality engineers, quality techs, shipping and receiving personnel, maintenance technicians and administrative support. We believe the plant will ultimately employee nearly 125 Busche team members.”

Edon, Ohio

Menard Inc. was in need of a huge tract of land for a regional distribution and manufacturing center in 2007. The leadership recognized that people in Williams County worked hard, there was a superb transportation network, and county economic development leaders were eager to form partnerships. The total initial investment in the Menards facility was an estimated $74 million.

The most recent expansion in 2017 and 2018 included a $28 million investment to build a production line to manufacture interior and exterior pre-hung doors. The project is expected to add 85-90 new jobs at the Holiday City location, adding more than $3 million of new payroll.
Menards Distribution Center is now the largest employer in Williams County.

Holiday City, Ohio

A. Schulman is a leading international supplier of high-performance plastic compounds, powders and resins. In 2017, A. Schulman opened a distribution center at its former plant in Stryker. The facility will serve customers located in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin. “The Stryker plant is ideally situated to open our new distribution center in order to service the local customers,” said Albert Weber, Vice-President, Performance Materials. “Our customers will have faster access to a broad portfolio of prime and wide-spec polypropylene and polyethylene materials as well as a complete state-of-the art blending and repackaging center including rail car storage, warehousing and distribution services.”

Stryker, Ohio

December 2018 – 20/20 Custom Molded Plastics is investing $42 million in an expansion project at its Holiday City facility. The project involves constructing a new 245,000 square foot high-pressure facility in two phases, as well as investment in the world’s largest high-pressure injection press, weighing 6,670 tons, according to the company.

Rupp/Rosebrock, Inc., a Liberty City-based general contractor, is the construction manager at risk for the expansion. The project broke ground in March 2018 with phase one, a 146,000 square foot expansion, expected to be complete by the end of the year. Phase two of the project is expected to be complete by March 2020. Read more from the Toledo Business Journal online here. 

In 2015 20/20 added three new machines and added about 200,000 square feet of space to the existing 186,000-square-foot building, located along the Ohio Turnpike at 14620 Selwyn Drive, just east of Chase Brass. The company founder, Ron  Ernsberger said the expansion was driven by strong sales and the desire to keep its production processes state-of-the-art. One of the new machines being added is a 1,500-ton press that is “the biggest in the industry,” and was about $5 million.

Holiday City, Ohio

Covington Box recently expanded its operations in 2016, and moved into the previously known “Fleetwood” building; a 30 acre parcel that encompasses a large 87,000 square feet facility. The new location allows the company to better serve customers and meet a high demand, particularly in the produce season. Covington East warehouses and manages large bulk boxes such as Watermelon and Pumpkin bins that are shipped throughout the Country. As many as 15 trucks on average are unloaded and loaded daily.

Edgerton, Ohio

The Bard Manufacturing Company broke ground in 2017 for the James R. Bard Center for HVAC Innovation & Design at their Bryan, Ohio, headquarters.

This multi-million-dollar project will add 15,000 square feet to the current facility and will consist of collaborative work spaces and a new psychrometric test lab. The purpose of the innovation center is to improve new product development and speed-to-market capabilities, and to help make northwest Ohio a hub for HVAC engineering and innovation. The creation of the facility is made possible by the generosity of Jim and Joan Bard. Jim retired in 2003 as President, after 43 years with the company. “Naming the center the James R. Bard Center for HVAC Innovation & Design honors Jim’s legacy of service and significant importance to the company,” stated Steel. Bard has been a family-owned and operated business for 103 years and four generations.

Bryan, Ohio

July 7, 2018 – Reifel Industries is looking to invest around $6.6 million in its property on Ohio Street, with $2.5 million of that going to building improvements, said Matt Davis, executive director of the Williams County Economic Development Corporation. “The balance is in machine equipment and inventory,” he added. “The promise here is 15 new jobs across three years minimum, adding $600,000 in payroll.” The council approved the company’s request for a 60 percent abatement on the increase of property value over the course of 10 years. Davis estimated Reifel will save around $31,400, with the full assessment being closer to $50,000. “That won’t be a real number until the work is done and the auditor appraises the property and it gets put on the books,” he said. “That is based on estimated costs turned in to us.” From the council, the abatement will go to the Williams County Commissioners for approval before being filed with the state.

Pioneer, Ohio

August 1, 2018 – FibreTuff is launching compounding operations to manufacture cellulose based biomaterial for the 3D printing and molding of Class I and II medical devices for spine, trauma and sports medicine. The company expects to hire about 20 people over the next three years as companies across the U.S. begin to use FibreTuff PAPC filaments and powders for 3D printing.

The cellulose based biomaterial branded as PAPC by FibreTuff, will be manufactured in West Unity and delivered to customers in the form of compounded pellets, filament and bar stocks for CNC machining, injection and extrusion processes. Customers from Boston to San Francisco are already using FibreTuff to produce bone replacements, mesh and temporary implants, and eventually, spinal spacers for orthopaedics. “We want to work with hospitals, colleges and universities, and medical device manufacturers to develop a new way to deliver education and functional tools and models to the medical market,” said Joyce. “The 3D bone replacements made with FibreTuff PAPC are so realistic, medical students can use them instead of animal cadavers for essential practice, such as sawing, screwing, cutting and laser cutting.” For additional information on the company, visit

West Unity, Ohio