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Success Stories

Why locate your business in Williams County?

For logistics & distribution!


Menard Inc. was in need of a huge tract of land for a regional distribution and manufacturing center. Menard’s leadership recognized that people in Williams County worked hard, there was a superb transportation network, and county economic development leaders were eager to form partnerships. The total investment for the expanding Menards facility is estimated at $74 million. The county’s return on investment has resulted in about 300 new jobs.



A. Schulman is a leading international supplier of high-performance plastic compounds, powders and resins. In 2017, A. Schulman opened a distribution center at its former plant in Stryker. The facility will serve customers located in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin. “The Stryker plant is ideally situated to open our new distribution center in order to service the local customers,” said Albert Weber, Vice-President, Performance Materials. “Our customers will have faster access to a broad portfolio of prime and wide-spec polypropylene and polyethylene materials as well as a complete state-of-the art blending and repackaging center including rail car storage, warehousing and distribution services.”


Covington Box recently expanded its operations, and moved into the previously known “Fleetwood” building; a 30 acre parcel that encompasses a large 87,000 square feet facility. The new location allows the company to better serve customers and meet a high demand, particularly in the produce season. Covington East warehouses and manages large bulk boxes such as Watermelon and Pumpkin bins that are shipped throughout the Country. As many as 15 trucks on average are unloaded and loaded daily. Currently there are 5 full time employees in Edgerton and the future looks good for more opportunity and growth!

Plastic fabrication and injection molding


In September 2017 20/20 Custom Molded Plastics stated its intention to double production capacity through a $15.5 million investment which is expected to create at least 100 new jobs. The company will construct a 140,000 square-foot plant to go alongside its existing facility, while adding new injection molded machinery and equipment.

In 2015 20/20 added three new machines and added about 200,000 square feet of space to the existing 186,000-square-foot building, located along the Ohio Turnpike at 14620 Selwyn Drive, just east of Chase Brass. The company found, Ron  Ernsberger said the expansion was driven by strong sales and the desire to keep its production processes state-of-the-art. One of the new machines being added is a 1,500-ton press that is “the biggest in the industry,” and was about $5 million.