Coming Soon: JobsOhio GIS Planning

JobsOhio recently announced a vendor switch for the site database system from Community Systems to GIS Planning, to launch by the end of January 2017. GIS Planning is the nation’s largest site selection website; the site is user friendly and allows economic development professionals to add and update listings easily.

The good news: it is interactive, provides comprehensive information to users, and gives us the ability to add more information about your property. The benefits? Listings will be up to date faster, our inventory will be current, and site selectors will get accurate and detailed information faster. To assist in this transition, we are in need of information regarding any available sites or buildings located in Williams County. Having accurate information will also allow us to highlight Williams County properties on our website.

Register Properties in Williams County

We’re excited to announce this year you’ll be able to register your Williams County property with WEDCO. One form will need to be completed per property. By completing the information WEDCO will be able to update and access updated and detailed information quickly. Feel free to contact our office with any questions at 419-636-8727, or email

Click Here to Fill out the Form Online

Click Here to Download the Williams County Available Site and Building Database Registration Form 

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