Featured Site: DMI, 507 W. Indiana Street, Edon, Ohio 43518

507 W. Indiana Street & 201 Leanne Drive will be auctioned, Online Only.

Bid Deadline: May 17th at 11:00 am

A 3/2/2007 Phase I Environmental Site Assessment on both facilities revealed no evidence of recognized environmental conditions in connection with the property and recommended no further assessment of the property. The Phase I is available as a download on our website.

Utility systems identified at both properties are summarized below:
• The facility heating ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system is located on the roof.
• Sanitary sewage disposal at the property is provided through the Village of Edon.
• Stormwater is discharged to an adjacent stream (Bear Creek).
• Potable water at the property is obtained through the Village of Edon.
• Electric service is provided by Toledo Edison.
• Natural gas service is provided by Ohio Gas Company.

Terms:  $5,000 Deposit Required to Bid, Buyers Premium added to winning bid to determine sale price (10% of the first $400,000 bid, and 5% of the Bid Amount above $400,000), Earnest Money Deposit of 10% of Sales Price (Bid Amount Plus BP), Broker Co-Op of 1% of Winning Bid, close by Friday, June 16th, 2017.



Parcel ID: 071-200-05-016.000
4.51 acres: CP – Commercial Acreage
Parcel ID: 071-200-05-015.000
0.72 acres: CS – Commercial Acreage
Parcel ID: 071-200-05-007.000
2.77 acres: CS – Commercial Acreage

201 Leanne: 7.14± total acres

Parcel ID: 071-170-05-001.000
5.14 acres: CR – Commercial Acreage
2 acres: CP – Commercial Acreage

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