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Quality of Life Enhancement Projects

When visitors drive through the scenic countryside and the still vibrant business areas of Williams County, they see and appreciate a rare quality of life. The area is ripe for prosperous development in a new world where a high quality of life for individual and corporate expansion is essential.

There are no serious traffic jams or pollution in the pleasant corner of Ohio bordered by Michigan and Indiana. The Ohio Turnpike, rail system, and airport provide high-speed transportation and economic development options with easy access to Chicago, Detroit and the world.

Companies with national and international markets currently enjoy the quality schools, the safe countryside with affordable real estate, and the enriched culture of the city of Bryan and throughout the villages of Williams County.

For more information about opportunities in Williams County of Ohio, contact the Economic Development Office, (419) 636-8727.

Williams County features state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, such as Community Hospitals & Wellness Centers, and Parkview Physicians Group. 

Williams County Airport features a 5,000 foot runway.

Through the years the Williams County Regional Airport has grown to accommodate private planes, company jets and small freight companies looking to fly into Northwest Ohio.

The Williams County Courthouse is one of the many Williams County sites listed on the National Registry of Historical Places.

Williams County offers a variety of beautiful parks offer fun for everyone.

Stoney Ridge Farm and Winery is a unique country winery and vineyard tucked away in the very Northwestern region of Ohio. Located just off of U.S. Highway 127, which is an old Indian trail along the beach head of Lake Erie from 10,000 years ago. Enjoy the views of the beautifully manicured 13 acre vineyard.

Learn more about the local Chambers of Commerce in Williams County!

The Chambers of Commerce in Williams County are voluntary partnerships of business and professional people working together to make a difference in the community.