Economic Dashboard

The natural economic development force in Williams County

When visitors drive through the scenic countryside and the still vibrant business areas of Williams County, they see and appreciate a rare quality of life. The area is ripe for prosperous development in a new world where a high quality of life for individual and corporate expansion is essential.

There are no serious traffic jams or pollution in the pleasant corner of Ohio bordered by Michigan and Indiana. The Ohio Turnpike and the rail system provide high-speed transportation and economic development options with easy access to Chicago, Detroit and the world.

Companies with national and international markets currently enjoy the quality schools, the safe countryside with affordable real estate, and the enriched culture of the city of Bryan, the county seat of Williams County.

When you were a child, do you remember playing with a toy called Etch-A-Sketch? Those were made in Bryan by the successful company still known today as Ohio Art. How about the classic Christmas candy canes and today’s popular Dum-Dum candy pops? You guessed it; they are still made in Bryan by Spangler Candy Company. Both large family-owned companies have remained international success stories here in Bryan for more than a century.

Success stories

Menard, Inc., not long ago needed a huge tract of land for a regional distribution and manufacturing center. Menard’s leadership recognized that people in Williams County worked hard, there was a superb transportation network, and county economic development leaders were eager to form partnerships. The total investment for the expanding Menards facility is estimated at $74 million. The county’s return on investment has resulted in about 300 new jobs.

G&M Media Packaging expanded to Bryan, a new high-tech packaging business that created 48 new jobs with a $10.5 million capital investment.

Titan Tire specializes in manufacturing enormous, 63-inch, off-road tires used in the mining industry. Titan added another 220,000 square foot to their Bryan facility, with a capital investment of $125 million.

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