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Five County Wage & Benefits Survey 2021

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Wage & Benefits Survey! There were 113 businesses in total who participated with 45 of them in Williams County. Results are only given to participants. The survey is hoped to be done on a bi-yearly to yearly basis.

June 27, 2019 Residential Development Funding Seminar

Chris Spellmire with USDA Rural Development, Richard Spoor with KMK Law, Dennis Miller with MVPO presented information about infrastructure funding programs for housing development projects.

6/27/19 –View the presentations from USDA, KMK, and MVPO here.

2018 Williams County Housing Opportunities Assessment

The WEDCO Workforce Development and Marketing Subcommittee has engaged a firm to complete a housing analysis in order to understand the current housing market in Williams County. DiSalvo Development Advisors, DDA, has experience working with municipalities and non-profit organizations in other markets in Ohio with proven success in attracting housing developers to communities and/or providing supportive documentation for new development.

A market study will be provided which will include conclusions and recommendations regarding the market feasibility of additional housing in each of Williams County’s population centers. The report will include supportive documentation including:

  • Aggregate data from housing survey
  • Housing opportunities for each population center
  • Analysis of demographic and economic factors
  • Reference maps

The housing study process took approximately 3 months to complete and included: Stakeholder interviews with major employers, developers and realtors, and other stakeholders; Rental housing survey and for-sale housing analysis; Completion of a demand analysis.

Thank you to all of the Williams County communities for making this endeavor possible.

2016 Wage & Benefits Survey

WEDCO partnered with the Regional Growth Partnership and COACT to create and execute a wage and benefits survey in 2016. The survey was designed specifically for Williams County businesses. Approximately 35 companies participated. To view the survey Click Here.

COACT works with clients across the country, building and implementing strategic business growth campaigns. COACT team members have over 100 years of combined experience in business to business growth strategy and process.